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Mission & Values

Providing Quality Service with: 
Pride - Commitment - Courage
  1. We display character through integrity, humility, trustworthiness, and ownership.
  2. We raise the standard with education and innovation.
  3. We exhibit pride in the appearance of our uniforms, equipment, apparatus, and stations.
  4. We lead by example in our accomplishments.
  5. We inspire others in our sphere of influence.
  6. We display passion through aggressive endurance and grit.
  7. We show respect to our superiors, subordinates, public and our ourselves.
  8. We preserve our culture and history.
  1. We take ownership through accountability by being selfless.
  2. We have fiscal responsibility.
  3. We train harder by being aggressive, relentless and dedicated, with a growth mindset.
  4. We are professional by displaying a positive attitude delivering quality service.
  5. We always search for the greater good for the unit and the mission.
  6. We engage in mentorship, moving our culture forward.
  7. We are driven by integrity and our word is our bond.
  1.  We will display a positive attitude and defend the department.
  2. We are professional, constantly improving.
  3. We are quick to apologize for our mistakes.
  4. We accomplish our goals by leading by example.
  5. We stand up and are held accountable through selfless internal and external sacrifice.
  6. We demonstrate bravery through fearless passion.
  7. We display ownership and integrity by being honest.
The Cedar Hammock Way 
  1. We do not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate anyone who does. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics.
  2. We focus on others ahead of ourselves.
  3. We don’t talk negatively about people behind their back or tolerate anyone who does.
  4. We take personal responsibility for what we can do to solve a departmental problem rather than complaining about it.
  5. We are eager to learn and not afraid to admit ignorance in an area.
  6. We ask good open-ended questions to better understand (Who, What, When, Where, Why and How)
  7. We are willing to experiment with ideas outside the box.
  8. We take great pride in our department, equipment and uniforms.
  9. We set the tone in our attitude reminding ourselves of how blessed we are to be here.
  10. We initiate on work around the station.
  11. We stand in for leaders who are busy with other assignments.
  12. We are great role models and strive to serve each other.
  13. We are quick to volunteer for extra assignments.
  14. We use the power of peer pressure for positive, not negative.
  15. We don’t punish learners but instead praise effort and progress.
  16. We support and defend the Chiefs behind their back.
  17. We pursue perfection knowing we will somehow hit excellence.
  18. We are clear on our vision at the Member, Company, Battalion and Department levels.
  19. We do everything on scene and off with urgency.
  20. We don’t blind side If we’re not going to meet a deadline or standard we inform our supervisor as soon as possible.
  21. Persistence is our measure of our belief in ourselves.
  22. We are comfortable being uncomfortable.
  23. We assume we don’t always know the whole story.
  24. We never trash talk the department off duty with our family or public.
  25. We keep our issues internal and never take our laundry out to show the public.
  26. We learn from our past but are never defined by it.
  27. We are emotionally committed to the chain of command and department.
  28. We don’t criticize, condemn or complain or tolerate anyone who does.
  29. We put the needs of others ahead of ourselves. We understand that you get in proportion to what you give.
  30. We treat public funds as sacred. A public trust. We don’t waist resources.
  31. We train hard on the drill ground so we don’t have to bleed on the Fire Ground.
  32. We always have a good attitude regardless of circumstance.
  33. We understand that it’s not the mistakes in life that cause you pain, it’s the ineffective response to those mistakes that cause you pain.
  34. We understand that great leaders train leaders while they lead.
  35. We do what we say we’re going to do.
  36. We live to a high standard off duty which reflects well on our department.
  37. We understand that a mark of character is realizing you made a mistake and doing something quickly to make it right.
  38. We let go of the past. We don’t hold grudges.
  39. We are always pushing the limits of our comfort zone.