Final 2020 Millage Rate Hearing


Final 2020-2021 FYE Budget Hearing

Notice is hereby given that on Thursday, September 24, 2020, at 6:00 p.m. or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard, the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Cedar Hammock Fire Control District will hold two public hearings. The purpose of the first hearing is to hear testimony and adopt the 2020 Final Millage Rate. Then the Board of Fire Commissioners will hold the second hearing to hear testimony and to adopt the Final Budget for the 2020/2021 fiscal year.

Following the public hearings, a regular business meeting of the Board will be held.

These meetings will be conducted via Zoom Communications Media Technology pursuant to Executive Orders 20-69, 20-179, and 20-193 issued by Governor DeSantis on March 20, 2020, July 29, 2020, and August 7, 2020, respectively.

While it is necessary to hold the above referenced meetings of the District’s Board of Commissioners utilizing communications media technology due to the current COVID-19 public health emergency, the District fully encourages public participation in a safe and efficient manner.  Toward that end, anyone wishing to listen and participate in the meeting can do so telephonically at 1-312-626-6799. The meeting ID is 899 2337 9871 and the password is 981065.


Written comments can be submitted to Deputy Chief Kyle Bradshaw at by Tuesday, September 22, 2020, at 4:00 pm. Be sure to include your name and submit your remarks by the meeting deadline. Commissioners may not receive your comments before the meeting if the form is submitted after the deadline.



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Incident Statistics – August 2020

August 2020 Incident Type

Cedar Hammock Fire Control District’s Incidents organized by Type

This is a pie chart showing the statistics for Cedar Hammock Fire District’s incident responses for the month of May. The district responded to 448 Rescue & EMS calls, 43 False Alarm calls, 51 Good Intent calls, 56 Service calls, 15 Hazardous Condition calls without a fire, 11 Fire calls, and 2 Other calls.

Average Arrival Time by Station (in seconds)

Cedar Hammock Fire Control District’s Average Arrival Time by Station

This is a bar chart showing the statistics for each of Cedar Hammock Fire District’s stations’ average response time to incidents. Station 1’s average response time was 6:14, Station 2’s average response time was 5:48, Station 3’s average response time was 7:67, and Station 4’s average response time was 6:09.

Incidents by Station

Cedar Hammock Fire Control District’s Statistics

This is a pie chart showing the statistics for Cedar Hammock Fire District’s number of incident responses for each fire station. Station 1 responded to 232 calls, Station 2 responded to 211 calls, Station 3 responded to 72 calls, and Station 4 responded to 111 calls.

Incidents by Unit

Cedar Hammock Fire Control District’s Incidents organized by Unit

This is a bar chart showing the statistics for Cedar Hammock Fire District’s incidents responded to by each unit. Engine 211 responded to 103 calls, Engine 212 responded to 220 calls, Engine 221 responded to 222 calls, Engine 231 responded to 100 calls, Engine 241 responded to 116 calls, Ladder 219 responded to 23 calls, and Battalion 2 responded to 48 calls.

Incidents by Month

Sep. 2019 – Aug. 2020

Cedar Hammock Fire Control District’s Incidents organized by Month

This is a line chart showing how many incidents Cedar Hammock Fire District responded to each month. They responded to 647 calls in January, 589 calls in February, 675 calls in March, 670 calls in April, 588 calls in May, 544 calls in June, 563 calls in July, 651 calls in August, 569 calls in September, 646 calls in October, 547 calls in November, and 566 calls in December.

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Incidents by Type:
For the month of: July
Rescue & EMS: 369
False Alarm/Call: 45
Good Intent Call: 62
Service Call: 48
Hazardous Condition (No Fire): 14
Fire: 12
Other: 1Average Arrival Time:
Station 1: 6:55
Station 2: 6:10
Station 3: 7:49
Station 4: 5:58Incidents by Station:
Station 1: 203
Station 2: 181
Station 3: 66
Station 4: 101Incidents by Unit:
Engine 211: 113
Engine 212: 163
Engine 221: 190
Engine 231: 88
Engine 241: 106
Ladder 219: 28
Battalion 2: 39Incidents by Month:
January: 611
February: 626
March: 637
April: 520
May: 554
June: 557
July: 516
August: 551
September: 569
October: 646
November: 547
December: 566